General FAQs

Have a question about your TEC Grill? This is the place to start. Browse our FAQ section or download our product manuals.

Where are your grills manufactured?

All of our grills are manufactured in America, right here in Columbia, South Carolina. Give us a call if you happen to be in town – we’d love to see you!

How do I find a dealer in my area to see a TEC grill in person?

You can locate a dealer here.

How do I identify which grill model I have?

The serial number of your grill begins with an abbreviation of your grill model.

How do I locate my serial number?

The location of your serial number depends on your grill model.

  • Cherokee: Backside on metal plate
  • Cherokee FR: Right side on clear sticker
  • G Sport FR: Right side on clear sticker
  • Patio: Backside on right
  • Patio 2: Backside on metal plate
  • Radiant Wave: Backside on metal plate
  • Sterling 28, Sterling 2, Sterling 3: Behind the right burner on a metal plate. Open the hood, remove the drip tray, remove the right cooking grid, and look behind the right burner. You may need to wipe the plate with a damp cloth or use a flashlight to read it.
  • Sterling FR: Left side on clear sticker
  • Sterling G: Inside drip tray
  • Sterling G FR: Left side on clear sticker
Can I register my grill online?

Yes. You can register it here.

Where can I buy parts, accessories, or a cover for my TEC grill?

TEC sells all of these items. We're in the process of making them available for online purchase, but in the meantime, give us a call at 800-331-0097 (Option 1) and one of our helpful staff will be glad to assist you.

Can I put the new technology in my TEC that has ceramic burners?

Unfortunately, the new style burners will not fit into our original grills with ceramic burners.

Can TEC help me customize a mounting kit that will fit my current outdoor kitchen cutout size?

Yes, we’d love to help you replace your old grill with a TEC in your current cutout size! Contact customer service at 1-800-331-0097 (Option 1)

Can I convert my grill from LP to natural gas or from natural gas to LP?

Of course, conversion kits for all of our grills are available; give us a call at 800-331-0097 (Option 1) to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff.

Using Your Grill FAQs

How do I clean my grill after each use?

The radiant glass panels, located beneath the cooking grates, incinerate food drippings and debris and prevent them from falling though the grates into the interior of the grill. These panels are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1200º F; however, food debris and ash that accumulate may cause the panels to overheat and crack. It is important to clean your cooking surface regularly following the simple burn off procedure listed below.

  • Light all of the burners in your grill and turn the burner controls to high.
  • Close the hood and wait 10 minutes to ensure that all drippings and debris are incinerated.
  • Turn off the burners and allow your grill to completely cool.
  • Once the grill has cooled, carefully remove the grates and scrape any ash that is left on the glass panels to the back of the grill with a spatula where it will fall through an opening to the drip tray below.

You may also wipe the class with a dry or damp cloth as well as the cooking grates although this is not necessary. We recommend that you do not remove the glass panels to clean them.

What cleaning agents do you recommend to clean and shine the radiant glass?

After you have scraped the ash off of the glass panels and wiped them with a damp cloth, you may wish to do additional cleaning of the glass using a ceramic cleaning cream. The following are the creams approved by the glass manufacture:

Important: Do not use abrasive sponges or scouring pads of any type. Do not use corrosive cleaners such as oven sprays, stain removers, or cleaners containing chlorine or ammonia.

How do I maintain the outer stainless structure?

Do not leave objects on the grill, such as iron and non-stainless steels, that will cause oxidation, discoloration, or surface rust of the stainless. This is not covered under your warranty.To preserve the appearance and ensure the long life of your grill, it is important that you clean it regularly. We recommend that you wipe down the exterior of your grill after each use. Some household cleaning products are not suitable for stainless steel. Be sure to read the label before using any cleaning product. Ammonia-based glass cleaners such as Windex work well on stainless steel to remove grease and splatter. Commercially available stainless steel cleaners can also be used to clean and polish the exterior surfaces. Do not use metallic abrasives and always rub in the direction of the grain.

How do I maintain the stainless inner components?

When you first begin using your grill, you will notice that the interior components such as the trim panels, warming rack, and inside surface of the hood, that are exposed to the intense heat from the burners will begin to oxidize and discolor. This oxidation is normal and cannot be cleaned off. However, the interior trim panels and warming rack can be easily removed if you wish to wash away the grease and splatter that accumulate during grilling.
The majority of food drippings generated during grilling are incinerated into ash when cooking on the high fire setting. However, when smoking, roasting or barbequing on low, drippings and debris burn off slowly, and some grease may even reach the drip tray. Clean your drip tray regularly and always check before burn off to make sure that it is clean in order to avoid a grease fire.

What maintenance regimen do you recommend for TEC grills?
  • There is very little maintenance associated with your TEC grill other than regular cleaning.
  • Never grill without the radiant glass panels properly installed beneath the cooking grates. They protect the burners and interior of your grill by preventing food drippings and debris from falling through the grates.
  • Check your gas hose and fittings regularly for damage, abrasion, and wear and tear.
  • Inspect the orifice openings and venture inlets occasionally to clear obstructions. Spiders and insects are known to nest in these areas of the grill and can disrupt the gas flow.
  • Replace the AAA battery in the igniter when necessary.
  • Make sure that the drip tray is in place every time you grill to ensure that grease, food drippings, and ash are completely contained and do not leak out, and remember to clean your drip tray regularly.
Can my TEC Grill rust?

TEC uses 304 stainless steel because it is one of the most corrosive-resistant grades of stainless available. However, 304 is not corrosion proof. The best grades of stainless steel will degrade when exposed to intense heat. In high-temperature applications such as burners and cooking grates, 304 stainless will extend the life of the component, but it will not prevent it from ultimately being replaced. The oxidation that initially occurs actually acts as a barrier to future oxidation, slowing down the degradation process but not stopping it. Consequently, the deterioration resulting from oxidation due to intense heat is unavoidable and part of the normal wear and tear of a grill.It is difficult to predict the operational lifespan of the components in a grilling system that are exposed to intense heat as it is obviously determined by the frequency of use. During grilling, cooking grates are also exposed to the corrosive effect of the fatty acids from food drippings, as well as salt and marinades. However, under normal household use (twice a week), if a grill is properly maintained, burners and cooking grates typically remain operational for many years.

Troubleshooting FAQ

We’re to help you troubleshoot some common grilling problems.

My burner makes a popping or motor boat noise and doesn’t get as hot as usual. What could be wrong?

If you have the original ceramic burner, there is likely a crack in the ceramic, and the burner needs to be replaced. You can order the part by calling TEC directly at 800-331-0097 (Option 1).

If you own a grill from the Sterling FR, Sterling G FR, or Cherokee FR series and the perforated metal on the top of the burners (underneath the glass panel) has deteriorated, the burner will need to be replaced. You can order a new burner by calling us at 800-331-0097 (Option 1). If the perforated metal has not deteriorated, tighten the twelve bolts located around the perimeter of the burner head.

Why won’t my grill get hot?

LP Gas Grills: If you have just changed your gas cylinder and find that it will not get hot, you’ve probably activated the excess flow valve (safety mechanism) built into the tank valve. Click here for video instructions for how to deactivate the excess flow valve. If you continue to have problems reaching higher temperatures, check to see if there is an obstruction in the orifice of your control valve. Click here for instructions on how to clean your orifice. If this does not fix the problem, you have a defective regulator that needs to be replaced with a TEC-certified part.

Natural Gas Grills: Check to see if there an obstruction in the orifice of your control valve. If you continue to have problems after cleaning your orifice, contact your gas supply company to determine whether you have sufficient gas pressure or if your regulator is defective.

Why won’t my burner light?

When a burner(s) will not light, you either have an igniter problem or a gas pressure problem.

If you have just changed your LP gas cylinder, you’ve probably activated the excess flow valve (safety mechanism) built into the tank valve. Click here. for video instructions on how to deactivate the excess flow valve.

If your burner will light with a match, you have an ignition problem

  • Replace the battery in the igniter and try lighting again
  • If your burner still will not light, check to see if the wire that connects the igniter to the electrode (mounted to the burner) has come unplugged or is loose. The igniter wire is located behind the control panel of the grill and can be accessed through the ventilation opening beneath the control panels. Make sure that the wire is firmly attached to the electrode on one end and the igniter on the other. Try lighting again
  • If your burner(s) still will not light, replace the electrode mounted to each that will not light. However, if you can light all of your burners with a match but none with the ignition system, you need to replace your igniter.

    If one or more of your burners will not light with a match, you have a gas pressure problem

  • Reset the excess flow valve in the LP gas cylinder. Instructional video here. Try lighting your grill. For natural gas grills, move to the next step.
  • If your burner(s) still will not light, check to see if there is an obstruction in the orifice of the control valve. Try lighting it again.
  • If your grill still won’t light, you have a defective regulator and need to replace it with a TEC-certified part. For replacement parts, call TEC directly at 800-331-0097 (Option 1).
  • Natural Gas: contact your gas supply company to determine whether you have sufficient gas pressure or if your regulator is defective.
Why does my regulator have frost in it?

This is typically a sign that the tank has been overfilled. Turn the tank off immediately, and contact the gas provider for help.

Product Registration

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Warranty Claim

Things happen. Let us know and we’ll make it right.

Keep in mind that different grill models have different warranties and in most cases the warranty is for manufactures defects, not wear and tear. Refer to your owners manual for warranty specifics. Warranty starts with the date of purchase and your serial number may not reflect this so you may need to provide a proof of purchase.

To file a warranty claim you will need to email the following to

- Name
- Address
- Phone number
- Photos of defective parts
- Serial number - If you are having problems finding the serial number, go to How do I identify which grill model I own and find the serial number FAQ in FAQ section of this page

You will receive an email response letting you know we have received your claim. If you don’t receive a response it may be that your picture files are too large and you may need to send multiple emails. If received during normal work hours you will receive an email from the warranty team within 48 hrs letting you know if you have been approved and will let you know how to pay for your shipping charges.

Replacement Parts

TEC owners use their grills more than any other grill owners. Replacement parts are just a part of life. Contact TEC directly at at 800-331-0097 (Option 1) for prices and answers to your questions about accessories or replacement parts.

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