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  • TEC Grills Smoke Roasted Leg of Lamb - Ready to Take off the Grill

How to Smoke/Roast a Leg of Lamb

The holidays are the time to grill something special! While ham or beef tenderloin are the usual choices for the Christmas table centerpiece roast, why not try something different and serve a Leg of [...]

  • TEC Grills Holiday Gift Guide 2017

TEC Grills Holiday Gift Guide 2017

We have a lot of grillers to shop for at TEC Grills, and we are guessing you probably do too. Like you, we use our grills all the time (typically 3-5 times a week!), [...]

  • TEC Grills Smoked Duck - On the Grill

How to Smoke/Roast a Whole Duck

Move over turkey! This holiday season why not try smoked duck as the centerpiece of your family’s feast? It is just as easy to smoke as turkey or chicken on the TEC Grills Infrared [...]

  • TEC Grills Pizza Recipes - Steak and Mushroom Pizza

Pizza Recipes for the Infrared Pizza Rack

Pizza is always a good choice, period. But grilled pizza is even better, especially when you make it on the TEC Grills Infrared Pizza Oven Rack! Available for the Sterling Patio FR and Patio [...]

  • TEC Grills - Meet the Searmaster Team: Cannon Taylor

Meet Searmaster Cannon Taylor

Once you cook on a TEC Grill, you’re a fan for life! We often get emails, calls, and letters from our customers telling us how much they love their grills, and share with us [...]

  • TEC Grills - Beer Bratwurst on the Grill

Beer Bratwurst for Oktoberfest

At TEC Grills, we look forward to the Fall season all year long! While in other parts of the country it might start to get a little chilly this time of year, here in [...]

  • TEC Grills Salt Block Grilling Recipes and Tips - Salt Block Shrimp with Mango and Jalapeno

Salt Block Grilling Recipes and Tips

Why should you try grilling on a salt block on your TEC Grill? Because it’s yet another way to infuse amazing flavor into your food, and also makes for an impressive presentation! A salt [...]

  • TEC Grills -Grilling Whole Fish - Fish on a Platter

How to Grill a Whole Fish

Grilling a whole fish can be intimidating! You might think it is hard to maneuver, the skin will stick, or how to know when it is done? But grilling a whole fish is actually [...]

  • TEC Grills Summer Grilled Corn Flank Steak Tacos

Summer Grilled Corn Recipes

At the height of summer, there is nothing more perfect than eating hot and juicy grilled corn right off the cob. There are many ways to cook fresh corn: boil it, steam it, sauté [...]

  • TEC Grills - How to Spatchcock a Chicken - Brush with BBQ Sauce

How to Make Spatchcock Grilled Chicken

Whole roasted chicken is the perfect one-pot meal! But during the summer months, who wants to turn on the oven for a couple of hours and heat up the kitchen to make it? You [...]

  • TEC Grills Out of the Bun Hot Dog Recipes - Hawaiian Pizza Dog

3 “Out of the Bun” Grilled Hot Dog Recipes

There is no food that screams summertime more than hot dogs, especially when they are grilled on a TEC Grill! From backyard barbeques to baseball games to camp-outs, you will find the unmistakable smell [...]

  • TEC Grills Pulled Pork - Pork Shoulder on the Grill

How to Make Smoked Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is the barbecue staple here in South Carolina, the home of TEC Grills. Whether you are cooking a pork butt or literally going whole hog, you will always find some version of [...]