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  • TEC Grills Burger Recipes - Lamb Pita Burgers with Yogurt Mint Sauce

Beyond the Bun Burger Recipes

Kick off the summer grilling season with these “beyond the bun” burger recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on your TEC Grill! This year, instead of grilling the typical beef patty try something different [...]

  • TEC Grills Red Wine and Rosemary Grilled Short Ribs - Short Ribs on the Grill

Red Wine and Rosemary Grilled Short Ribs

The cold weather this winter has us craving warm hearty comfort food at TEC Grills, like this recipe for Red Wine and Rosemary Grilled Short Ribs. Short ribs are one of our favorite classic [...]

  • TEC Grills Pizza Recipes - Steak and Mushroom Pizza

Pizza Recipes for the Infrared Pizza Rack

Pizza is always a good choice, period. But grilled pizza is even better, especially when you make it on the TEC Grills Infrared Pizza Oven Rack! Available for the Sterling Patio FR and Patio [...]

  • TEC Grills Salt Block Grilling Recipes and Tips - Salt Block Shrimp with Mango and Jalapeno

Salt Block Grilling Recipes and Tips

Why should you try grilling on a salt block on your TEC Grill? Because it’s yet another way to infuse amazing flavor into your food, and also makes for an impressive presentation! A salt [...]

  • TEC Grills Summer Grilled Corn Flank Steak Tacos

Summer Grilled Corn Recipes

At the height of summer, there is nothing more perfect than eating hot and juicy grilled corn right off the cob. There are many ways to cook fresh corn: boil it, steam it, sauté [...]

  • TEC Grills Out of the Bun Hot Dog Recipes - Hawaiian Pizza Dog

3 “Out of the Bun” Grilled Hot Dog Recipes

There is no food that screams summertime more than hot dogs, especially when they are grilled on a TEC Grill! From backyard barbeques to baseball games to camp-outs, you will find the unmistakable smell [...]

  • TEC Grills Coffee Marinated Skirt Steak

3 Steak Recipes for Father’s Day

This Father’s Day, let Dad take a break from manning the TEC Grill. Instead, offer to make him his favorite steak meal as your gift to him. And instead of the usual sirloin, try [...]

  • TEC Grills Pastrami - Pastrami Reuben Sandwich

How to Smoke Pastrami

With the long days of summer coming soon, at TEC Grills we can't think of a better way of spending a Saturday than with a full-day smoking project! While smoking a beef brisket may [...]

  • TEC Grills Burgers - Buffalo Bison Burgers with Onions Rings and Blue Cheese Dressing

3 Ways to Spice Up Your Burgers

A patty of ground meat on a bun, aka a hamburger, is an American classic. Whether you like it with cheese, loaded with condiments, stuffed with bacon, or just plain, burgers are one of [...]

  • TEC Grills Infrared Meatloaf Pan - BBQ Meatloaf

How to use the Infrared Meatloaf Pan

This year at the HPB Expo, we were excited to introduce the TEC Grill’s Infrared Meatloaf Pan. As yet another innovative addition to our line of accessories, it adds even more functionality to the [...]

  • TEC Grills Infrared Grill Tray - Vegetables on the Grill

How to use the Infrared Grill Tray Accessory

We are excited to announce the TEC Grill’s Infrared Grill Tray. As the latest addition to our line of accessories, it adds even more functionality to the grill that does everything! The Infrared Grill [...]

  • TEC Grills Romantic Italian Dinner - Steak

Romantic Italian Dinner on the Grill

Instead of going out to eat this Valentine’s Day, treat your sweetie to a romantic Italian dinner on the grill. It’s guaranteed to be the most romantic and best table in the house! Eating [...]

  • TEC Grills Game Day Recipes - Mexican Meatballs

Mexican Game Day Grilling Recipes

The big game is almost here! Which means it’s time to gather a big crowd around the TEC Grill for a watch party, and of course we’re on your team when it comes to [...]

  • TEC Grills Holiday Roast - Dijon Mustard and Garlic Crusted Beef Roast with Horseradish Cream

How to Cook a Holiday Roast

We love the holidays at TEC Grills! That’s because the holidays are the perfect time to present an impressive grilled roast beast to your family and friends as the centerpiece of your holiday meal. [...]

  • TEC Grills Homemade Beef Jerky - Gifts from the Grill

Gifts from the Grill: Homemade Beef Jerky

A gift made by hand is the best thing you can give anyone this holiday season! So this year, opt to give everyone on your list a gift from your TEC Grill, in the [...]

  • TEC Grills Tailgating Recipes - Frito Chili Pie

Tailgating Recipes for Game Day

Tailgating is an institution in South Carolina, the home of TEC Grills. Our G-Sport and Cherokee grills are perfect for tailgating because they will easily fit in the back of your truck or SUV. But [...]

Flank Steak: 3 Marinades and 3 Sauces

Flank Steak is one of the most versatile and delicious cuts of meat. It is best when quickly cooked and served medium-rare, so grilling is a perfect way to cook this particular cut of beef. [...]

  • TEC Grills - Perfect Turkey on the Smoker Roaster Accessory for the Patio and Sterling Patio

How to use the Smoker/Roaster Accessory

Learn how you can utilize the incredible turndown on a TEC Grill to cook low and slow with our Infrared Smoker/Roaster accessory. Watch as Chef Danielle Wecksler demonstrates how to use the Smoker/Roaster by [...]

Memorial Day Burger Bonanza

Here at TEC Infrared Grills, we grill just about every day all year-long.   But for most, Memorial Day signals the official start to the grilling and summer season. So it’s time to pull the cover [...]

Valentine’s Japanese Steak House Dinner at Home

Why go out to eat on Valentine’s Day, when you can turn your TEC Infrared Grill into a Japanese teppanyaki grill/griddle, just like at your favorite steak house? Many couples like to go out to [...]

How to Grill Short Ribs Two Ways

Do you love the beefy, chewy, and yes, fatty flavor of short ribs? Here at TEC Infrared Grills, we do too! Short ribs are typically slowly braised, so that all of that fat can melt [...]

Fall for Chili

When the weather starts to cool and the leaves start to turn, there is nothing more comforting than making a big batch of chili. It’s the perfect Fall meal for just about any occasion, but [...]

Memorial Day Grilling Recipes

May is fittingly National Barbeque Month, as we celebrate the return of the warm days of summer!It should come as no surprise that Memorial Day Monday is also National Barbeque Day and National Hamburger Day.  [...]

Smokin’ Hot!

Using your TEC Infrared Grill as a SmokerGrilling on your TEC Infrared Grill is a no-brainer. But did you know that you can also use your grill as a smoker? The TEC Infrared Grill has [...]

Valentine’s Dinner on the Grill

There is no better way to show your love for someone than to cook for them. Cooking, as they say, comes from the heart!   And we know that your TEC Grill is also close to [...]

  • Smoked Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs

Bill Best’s Famous Ribs

Bill Best’s Famous Ribs     Season the meat. Rub Lawry’s seasoning salt and black pepper into the meat side of the ribs Prepare the grill. Put a 1”-1.5” row of wood chips across the front of [...]

  • Rack of Lamb Infrared

Grilled Rack of Lamb

We used our TEC Grill to prepare Grilled Lamb Chops for friends and family last weekend. It was delicious! The meat was perfectly cooked. It was tender and juicy with a crispy crust. We can't [...]

  • Infrared Steak Grilling

Steak & Grilled Dutch Potatoes with Blue Cheese

Steak & Grilled Dutch Potatoes with Blue Cheese Recipe Type: Beef Prep time: 15 mins Cook time: 40 mins Total time: 55 mins Serves: 2 Ingredients 12 Baby Dutch Potatoes sliced in half lengthwise 1 [...]