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You take the time to buy the freshest meats and produce available. Why wouldn’t you want them to taste the very best? From Farm to TEC to Table. We deliver great tasting food.


Give your food the respect it deserves.

TEC Infrared Grills are constructed of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, hand-built in America to last a lifetime, and backed by our 100% money-back guarantee. Browse Our Grill Models

Give Your Food the Respect it Deserves

Why Go TEC

Discover the Difference You Can Taste.

TEC Infrared Grill owners tell us that they cook on their gas grills at least three times a week. It's fast. It's easy. It keeps the kitchen clean. But more than anything, it's the taste of the food that keeps them grilling.

All Grills Are Not Created the Same.

Not even close. TEC's patented gas grilling system cooks with 100% infrared energy. We've totally eliminated the hot air other grills produce that dries out food. The difference? 35% more moisture. Chicken breasts, pork, even well-done meats remain tender and juicy.

The Backyard
We're Your Backyard Partner.

Anyone can be a Chef on a TEC Infrared Grill. Here, you’ll discover innovative recipes, trusted advice and grilling videos.

The Blog

This is where it all goes down. You'll get insider info from inside TEC Grills.

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